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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Thoughts.

I have had many things on my mind, here's 3:

1. The naturalism of sin is so high and typical in this society and generation that what is right and just, this society will react to as un-ordinary. I have many times been surprised at how horrific this is first hand through various occasions. I myself am a sinner and really far from perfect...to where it shouldn't even be considered, but I strive for holiness and repent. We're all sinners. (Romans 3:23)

here's the good news from Romans 5:

2. Modesty is not old fashioned. I've witnessed many women that have conformed to the way the have been objectified in media as sex tools. Therefore they give in to appearance being the ultimate goal and do not allow a man to really try to discover the inner beauty. As harsh as that may actually sound, its true and I myself have been guilty of lust as every man has to.

3. After reading Romans 5 and almost being floored at how that chapter encapsulates the gospel of Jesus, I was lead to Ephesians 2 where I was reminded of un-deserved grace. Wow! Everytime I think of it, I am reminded on what a merciful God we serve.

Been a long time!

     Without looking at the actual date of my last entry, I already know that it has simply been too long since I blogged. I have had many events, both BIG and small that I told myself in my head, "I need to blog about this," but didn't. Well, I am back on it and want to get into the habit. 

     I unfortunately have had some of the keys of my laptop snatched off as well by my little brother and cannot flow when trying to type. I have an Asus G51VX and it really is not portable but I have been having it up and down and all around. So, I do really need to upgrade ASAP, and I'm thinking Apple.

     Therefore I am back to avenge the urge of being able to blog consistently, lets hope! Here.....We.....Go.