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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fell like a Sucka!

Being a 20 year old guy, I have just a little ego and sometimes, and I admit that it may get the best of me! I was remembering a memorable event that took place in my life that has forever changed a state of mind I had of it!

it = PT @ gym (read more)

          So what had happened to me was that I signed up at this new gym a near my home and started doing my own thing as everyone does on their first day. I, however, on the treadmill ridiculously sweating after about 5 min was tapped on the shoulder by a young and beautiful chick that asked me something I regretted answering! She said, "Sir would you be interested having a 1 on 1 workout training session with me to see if you would be interested to sign up later?" She had on a blue shirt that had "PERSONAL TRAINER." I am not gonna lie, but I was really attracted to the girl and...

          As you can guess I said yes, since I had too much pride and ego to say no! Well it was a decision that I dearly regretted. We started getting to know each other as we walked to her office where she would do a examination on me and my stats. Long story short, I went through the full examination in the office and went out to the floor for a, what she said, "short 20 minute workout." Well I can tell you this much, I had never felt so dumb and used in my life by a girl like this before. She had me doing all kinds of work on my thighs only and it was non-stop! Mind you that I had not been to the gym in a very long time and this was also my very first day!

Well I was giving it all I had and was looking bad at it as well, but I couldn't help it! I felt a little humiliated as I tried finishing up some workouts that I knew seemed a little too much for me, but my ego and pride was in the way, so I did not stop at all until the end! Longer story even shorter; after the workout, I went to her office and she was going over the prices for more classes throughout the week and I almost rudely excused myself as she looked at me in shock, I speed-walked all the way across the gym to the locker room and vomited all my breakfast and more! Ew!

RESULT = calling in on work for Monday and Tuesday and shamefully returning back for the rest of the week with a weird looking swagger that gave me a lean when I walked! This lasted 2 full and well counted weeks.


1. Yes, although things may look hard and may seem impossible at times, one must persevere and go through the fire to come out gold!

2. The devil appears the same way as this personal trainer does to me, beautiful. The devil sends sin and temptations to you and sometimes we fall for it and look very bad from the effects of falling for the temptation. Sometimes we know how to avoid it, but we still go back to the vomit as a dog does and eats it!

James 1:9 (THE MESSAGE)
Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

          Hey it has been a good while since I last blogged and I want to let you know that a lot has happened since then! I am excited to fill you in about some of the events that have happened in my life since then! Will be blogging ASAP and just, if you haven't yet, check out some of my other entries and throw in a comment or rate them as well. The feedback is well appreciated! God Bless!